The UK has committed 15 million euro to the strengthening of controls, surveillance and security at the port of Calais. A Joint Declaration from the French Ministry of Interior and UK Home Secretary agree that funding will be given to France for a period of three years to strengthen security and to prevent migrants from crossing into the UK. This will be done through the building of robust fences, permanent security installations, and operational cooperation between British and French law enforcement agencies at the border. According to the joint declaration, part of these funds will be used to ensure that vulnerable persons, such as victims of trafficking, receive appropriate support.

Through the declaration, both countries agree also to take action “to stem the flow of illegal migration into Europe” building upon the joint letter to the European Commission from the French, Polish and Spanish Interior Ministers and the British Home Secretary on the 9 September.  The Joint Declaration refers to the “volume of illegal migrants arriving along the southern Mediterranean border of the European Union” as well as deterring illegal migrants from congregating in and around Calais. However, about half of those arriving by boat in Italy are Eritreans and Syrians, who have 76% and 91% recognition rates respectively European wide according to ECRE and EASO.  


This article originally appeared in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin of 26 September 2014. You can subscribe to the Weekly Bulletin here.