13 November 2015

A research paper by MHub, focusing on the conditions and risks of migration in North East Africa, found no evidence to support the idea that large numbers of people are leaving their countries of origin in Africa with the intention of reaching Europe.

Both mapping and illustrating the highly complex migration patterns in the region, the report suggests that many migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers target regional employment markets in Africa, only to find that protection needs are not met in these places. Equally, the lack of safe, regular migration opportunities was found to be driving migration underground, thus leading to risks of new human rights violations and abuses.

The report identifies the major human rights and protection risks confronting people on the move. They include, smuggling operations that develop into trafficking once migration has begun, the increased vulnerability of people who lack official – documented – evidence of their identity and the growing presence of unaccompanied minors on the move across the region.

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