23 January 2015

Following fresh fighting among rival tribal factions in Libya since the beginning of 2015, UNHCR estimates that almost 400,000 people are now internally displaced. Benghazi, Derna, and near the Gulf of Sidra in Ben Jawad and Ras Lanuf are the areas most affected. In Benghazi alone, around 90,000 are reported to be displaced. Many people have had to flee for a fourth or fifth time. 

Following UNHCR’s recommendation and in light of the deteriorating security situation in Libya, Norway suspended forced returns to the country earlier this month. 

The situation in Libya has worsened to the extent that, according to Frontex, while Libya was the departure point of choice for smugglers in 2014, “this increasingly lawless North African nation appears to have become too dangerous an operating environment even for the criminal gangs”.

International concerns are growing over the situation in Libya. “The general impression is the country is very close to total chaos”, stated Bernardino León, Head of the United Nations Mission in Libya, declared earlier this month.


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