Registration is now open for the Advanced Elena Course on Refugee Protection and the Dublin System: Can They Ever Be Compatible? The event will take place on 6 – 8 December 2013 in Dublin, Ireland. Please register by Monday 4 November 2013 to secure a place.

The course will examine the operation of the Dublin II Regulation and its recast. With a strong practical focus, there will be an analysis of the Dublin III Regulation and its compatibility with the EU Fundamental Rights system. Furthermore, experts and practitioners will discuss leading jurisprudence from national and European courts concerning the Dublin Regulation. The course will conclude with a number of case studies on various aspects of the Dublin Regulation.

Speakers and facilitators include the Honourable Justice Mr. Bernard McCloskey, future President of UK Upper Tribunal, Asylum and Immigration Chamber, Nuala Mole, Senior Lawyer at the AIRE Centre, Francesco Maiani from the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration’ and Maria Hennessy, Senior Legal Officer at ECRE.

For further information, please visit ECRE’s website or contact Daniel Toda Castán at

The European Legal Network on Asylum (ELENA) is a forum of legal practitioners who aim to promote the highest human rights standards for the treatment of refugees, asylum seekers and other persons in need of international protection in their daily individual counselling and advocacy work. The ELENA network extends across most European states and involves some lawyers and legal counsellors. The ELENA network has been running highly successful training courses on topics of international refugee law and the EU asylum acquis for over twenty years. A participant of the ELENA course Generalised Violence, Armed Conflict and the Need for International Protection that took place in Bologna last year said, “The information provided during the course helped improving my arguments on the refugee definition. There have been useful pointers on legal submissions, giving me a broader idea of the international protection. I hope to spread my knowledge to my colleagues – in this aspect the materials compiled and disseminated to participants are vital”.


This article originally appeared in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin of 4 October 2013
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