ECRE together with ICMC, CCME, IRC, Red Cross and Caritas have published Joint Comments to the European Commission proposal for a Regulation establishing a Union Resettlement Framework and amending Regulation (EU) No 516/2014 of the European Parliament and the Council COM(2016) 468, 13 July 2016

With these Comments¬†the organisations raise a number of concerns about the Proposal, such as that it is overly reactive and focuses unduly on migration control objectives, to the potential detriment of resettlement’s function as a lifesaving tool and a durable solution.

On the contrary, a Union Resettlement Framework should be an ambitious programme through which Europe can further strengthen its humanitarian commitment to achieving protection and durable solutions for vulnerable refugees across the globe. In addition, a Union Resettlement Framework that builds upon the extensive existing resettlement experience acquired in Europe over the last years has the potential to increase the quantity and quality of resettlement.

However, the current proposal falls far short of this potential. The Comments paper suggests the minimum required changes to the proposal which the organisations consider necessary for it to add value, not limitations to resettlement efforts.

*Photo: Mark Knobil