ICMC, ECRE Member organisation, has released the third edition of ‘Welcome to Europe’, a comprehensive guide to resettlement which provides information on global resettlement needs and the evolution of Member States’ resettlement activities, from legislation to practical implementation, highlighting the areas for improvement in the current resettlement phase.

5,796 refugees were resettled to the EU in 2012. Although resettlement has increased and expanded across EU Member States, this still represents just over 6% of the almost 70,000 refugees resettled globally during 2012.

Welcome to Europe’ is an outcome of the joint IOM, UNHCR and ICMC project ‘Linking In EU resettlement – Linking the resettlement phases and connecting (local) resettlement practitioners’, which focused on the reception and integration of resettled refugees at the local level and linking the pre-departure and post-arrival phases in order to make resettlement more successful.

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This article originally appeared in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin of 20 September 2013.

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