27 November 2015

The highest administrative court in France dismissed an appeal by the French Ministry of Interior and commune of Calais, ordering them to take measures to end the inhuman and degrading conditions for inhabitants of the camp at Calais, known as ‘The Jungle’.

This endorses a previous ruling and means that the authorities must install 10 water points, 50 latrines, set up a collection system for rubbish, install mobile rubbish containers, clean up the site and, within eight days, make one or more routes for emergency access. The commune of Calais must also take measures to identify the unaccompanied minors that are living in the camp, so that they are placed in appropriate accommodation and are cared for in a manner that meets their needs.

In a joint press release, (French) the NGOs that brought the urgent challenge before the courts welcomed the decision, noting that the government had set up more accommodation in recent weeks. They encouraged the government to continue along this path to put in place lasting solutions to the situation in Calais.

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