On the 7th  of December, the Commission has launched the European Solidarity Corps. Through the Solidarity Corps, young people will be able to volunteer where needed most in order to respond to crisis situations. They will have the opportunity to engage in solidarity activities for the most vulnerable communities in a wide range of areas, such as providing food, cleaning forests or helping with the integration of refugees. It is aimed to have 100.000 young Europeans participating in the Solidarity Corps by 2020.

The Solidarity Corps targets young people between the age of 18 and 30 who are willing to volunteer or do an internship, apprenticeship or who want to work where it is needed. “These young people will be able to develop their skills, and get not only work, but also an invaluable human experience”, Juncker says.

The Solidarity Corps is part of an entire package of EU actions to support Member States in fighting youth unemployment and enhance EU programmes dedicated to youth.

During the launch event held in Brussels on the 7th of December, people could inform themselves about the new Corps and meet participating organisations. There was also possibility to register for the European Solidarity Corps on the spot.

For further information:

  • European Solidarity Corps Website


Photo: Launch of European Solidarity Corps, Jolien Potemans.