On 7 October 2013, ECRE published the ECRE Information Note on the recast Qualification Directive (Directive 2011/95/EU), which identifies who is in need of international protection and the content of rights granted to beneficiaries of international protection. The recast Directive was adopted in December 2011 and is binding on all EU Member States except for UK, Denmark and Ireland who have opted out of this Directive. However, the UK and Ireland remain bound by the previous 2004 Directive.

ECRE acknowledges that the recast Directive raises the standards of protection and constitutes a step forward in harmonising eligibility criteria for international protection and its content at EU level. However, depending on its interpretation and application, the recast Directive may still allow for gaps in the protection of applicants and beneficiaries of international protection. Therefore, this information note sets out information on how to transpose and implement the recast Qualification Directive in a manner which ensures full consistency with international human rights and refugee law.

Member States are now required to bring into force domestic legislation necessary to comply with the Directive by 21 December 2013.



This article originally appeared in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin of 18 October 2013
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