The European Asylum Support Office (EASO) has published its work programme for 2014. EASO has set as a main priority to support Member States in implementing the new EU rules on asylum through training, practical cooperation activities, common Country of Origin Information and quality reports.

Furthermore, the recast Dublin regulation gives EASO a key role in the establishment of a mechanism for early warning, preparedness and crisis management in the field of asylum, which will be developed further throughout 2014. In this context, EASO aims at cooperating with the European Commission, Eurostat and Frontex to provide Member States and EU institutions with accurate information concerning the situation of asylum in Europe and Member States’ capacity to deal with asylum seekers arrivals.

Regarding EASO’s operational support to Greece, 70 experts nominated by Member States will be deployed to 55 asylum support teams in the country. According to the work programme, Italy will also continue receiving special support in areas such as the reception system and the implementation of the Dublin regulation.

In 2014, EASO will be starting its activities related to third country support, with a view of coordinating Member States’ actions on resettlement. EASO will play a coordinating role in exchanging information on resettlement and supporting partnerships with third countries.




This article originally appeared in the ECRE Weekly Bulletin of 4 October 2013
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