27 November 2015

The most recent updates on Germany’s asylum system, as documented by the updated AIDA report, consist of several legislative changes in view of the record numbers of asylum seekers this year. Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro have been classified as “safe countries of origin” under the amended Asylum Act – which creates a presumption that citizens from these countries will not be persecuted.

Moreover, as of 21 October 2015, the rules of the Dublin III Regulation have been reinstated for everyone, including Syrians – who had been exempted since late August under instructions issued by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Finally, the grounds for detention under Dublin have been defined, under an amendment of the Residence Act entering into force in August 2015. Nonetheless, detention of asylum seekers remains low, with approximately 90 applicants in detention as of October 2015.  

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