Helping detainees in need of medical assistance


Based on casework, Medical Justice publishes reports on important issues.



A Secret Punishment: The misuse of segregation in immigration detention” 2015

See report

Biased and Unjust

Biased and Unjust: The Immigration Detention Complaints Process” 2014

See report


HealthWatch and Immigration Removal Centres” 2014

See report

Mental health in detention

Mental Health in Immigration Detention Working Group: Initial Report” 2013

See report

Expecting change

Expecting Change: The case to end the Immigration Detention of Pregnant Women” 2013

See report

The second torture

The Second Torture: The Immigration Detention of Torture Victims” 2012

See report – full version

See report – summary version

State sponsored cruelty

State Sponsored Cruelty: Children in Immigration Detention” 2010

See report

Detained and denied

Denied & Detained: the Clinical Care of People Living with HIV in Immigration Detention” 2011

See report

Outsourcing abuse

Outsourcing Abuse: The Use of State-sponsored Force during Detention and Deportation” 2008

See report

Beyond comprehension and decency

Beyond Comprehension and Decency: A Report on Medical Abuse in Immigration Detention” 2007

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"Medical Justice has worked tirelessly in exposing failures of health care in immigration detention centres and the harmful effects of immigration detention. As well as Medical Justice’s work on individual cases its ability to collect and publish findings based on first-hand experience has been essential in litigation and as part of the campaign that alternatives to detention must be found for very vulnerable groups."

(Partner, solicitors)