29 January, 14h30 – 17h00, Press Club, 95 Rue Froissart, Brussels

The objective of the seminar is to share information on different methods for supporting professionals
who assist children seeking asylum to access their legal rights. Different tools and methods of
supporting professionals will be presented, followed by open discussion.

The participants will have the opportunity to be informed about targeted training materials, and other
tools developed during the project and published on an e-learning platform.

The training manual and modules are designed to build the capacity of legal practitioners who work
with children, in order for them to develop in-depth knowledge of asylum procedures for
unaccompanied children and their rights.

Participants will include professionals working in closed institutions for children (guardians, social
workers, etc) and in child rights organisations, legal representatives and lawyers, and international
stakeholders from the EU Institutions, the Council of Europe, UNHCR and UNICEF. Representatives
from donor foundations and pro bono legal services are also invited to participate with the aim of
increasing support for provision of quality legal assistance.

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