The European Parliament (EP) elections will take place on 6-9 June 2024. The results of recent local and national elections in several EU Member States provide some insight into the prevailing trends. The 2024 EP elections are likely to be critical and may significantly impact the future of EU asylum and migration policy and, therefore, the future of people on the move, asylum seekers and refugees. If progressive voters are not prepared and mobilised, there is a real risk of large electoral gains for far-right and anti-EU political parties. Given the prominence of EU asylum and migration policy in recent national elections (e.g. Italy, Germany and the Netherlands), it will also likely play a central role in the 2024 EP elections. It is also highly likely that far-right groups will use this as a rallying ground, and some of them are already actively organising across the EU.

In this context, the European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) has launched a pan-European campaign under the hashtag #EUisU to mobilise voters, particularly those with progressive views and/or refugee and migrant backgrounds, to vote for MEP candidates and political parties who will advocate for fundamental rights, including refugee rights, in the next EP mandate (2024-2029). The meeting will take place on 28 February at 11-12:15 (CET).

The aims of this meeting are to:

  • inform members of refugee-led and migrant organisations, and refugee advocates about the 2024 EP elections and the risk of far-right and anti-migrant rhetoric;
  • encourage them to vote and meet with MEP candidates and parties in order to show their support or express their concerns about about particular political groups’ stances on migration and asylum;
  • to encourage them to join ECRE’s #EUisU campaign to support refugee rights within and outside Europe.

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