After more than 7 years of tense and divisive negotiations on the reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) in the Council, EU Member States (EUMS) may be edging closer to an agreement on two key legislative proposals at this week’s JHA Council or at a later date in June. Those proposals are: 

  • Asylum Procedures Regulation (APR) which sets out the requirements for asylum processes in Europe and;
  • Asylum and Migration Management Regulation (RAMM) which is supposed to replace the Dublin III Regulation. It sets out the rules determining which EUMS is responsible for an asylum application and solidarity mechanisms.

An agreement on a Council position on these two proposals would be significant because it would unlock the long stalemate on the rules on responsibility and solidarity among Member States for people seeking asylum and the processes that people arriving in the EU should go through, particularly at the external border.

This explainer sets out the potential agreements that are on the table in the Council and assesses them from a fundamental rights perspective